Friday, 4 November 2011

Misuse of the internet by students

THE internet is one of the greatest benefits accruing from technology in the 21st century.

The internet is the international computer network connecting other networks and computers across the globe.

The internet encompasses a lot of opportunities and has in-built search engines and social networks. In fact, the internet is a revolutionary technology device that has come to elevate our being.

Like any other thing, the internet has both good and bad sides. Anyone can exploit the aspect he wants. The internet serves useful purposes for all classes of people. One should acquire computer skills and then, use it to one’s advantage.

Educationally, the internet should be a unique source for all students to explore for solution to their myriad of problems, particularly academic. But reverse is the case. Students, however, often misuse the internet and this is inflicting harm on them.

A student is a different being in the society. A student should be focused and should study anything most of the time. A student should read textbooks and materials from the internet. Also, he should have one-on-one beneficial discourse on crucial issues with people, and also on the internet. A student ponders, reflects, thinks, analyses, researches and cogitates on issues even beyond his school syllabus.

Some students see the internet as an added advantage to build themselves as scholars while most students are misusing it. Let us take a look at social networks like Facebook. The comments from youths are most times not so encouraging. I, therefore, advise fellow students to maximally make good use of the Facebook for the benefit of us all. Students also can post subjects of discourse on the Facebook so that ideas can fly in the air.

Students also explore the internet for solutions to their assignments by lifting another person’s views without crediting the source.

If everyone takes from the internet without making inputs into it, how are we going to have intellectual materials covering wide area of specialisations?

It is high time students learnt to uphold their integrity by reading from the net and adding whatever opinion they might have gathered from other sources to form a unique academic product.

When students do this, the nation will not only be breeding gurus but also revolutionary thinkers that believe in ideas as the sole ingredients for a break into new grounds.


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